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October 15, 2009

Filled contour with log-log scale

Filed under: Plot — Tags: , , , — TimothĂ©e Poisot @ 8:23 pm

A quick workaround to have a filled.contour plot with natural log10-log10 scale (instead of the default natural log scale)

plotmat <- function(mat,main='',factor='M',MeasuredResponse='Coexistence')
X <- as.numeric(rownames(mat))
Y <- as.numeric(colnames(mat))
Y <- Y/0.16
rownames(mat) <- as.numeric(X)
colnames(mat) <- as.numeric(Y)
colorFun <- colorRampPalette(c("black","darkblue","blue","green",

lX <- log(X, 10)
lY <- log(Y, 10)

pretty.X.at <- pretty(range(lX),n=6)
pretty.X.lab <- round(10^pretty.X.at,0)
pretty.Y.at <- pretty(lY,n=4)
pretty.Y.lab <- round(10^pretty.Y.at,2) pretty.Y.lab[pretty.Y.lab>1] <- round(pretty.Y.lab[pretty.Y.lab>1],0)
pretty.Y.lab[(pretty.Y.lab>0.1)&(pretty.Y.lab<1)] <- round(pretty.Y.lab[(pretty.Y.lab>0.1)&(pretty.Y.lab<1)],1)

ylab= MeasuredResponse,
xlab='Time between perturbation events',
plot.axes={ axis(1,at=pretty.X.at,labels=pretty.X.lab)
axis(2,at=pretty.Y.at,labels=pretty.Y.lab) })

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